PPR Vol.6 No.1 - Jan to Dec 2007

Philippine Population Review (PPR)
Volume 6 Number 1
January - December 2007
ISSN 1655-8049


Nutrition Transition in the Philippines
Ma. Regina A. Pedro, Corazon VC. Barba, Rhea Benavides-De Leon

Occupational Gender Segregation and
Wage Rate Differentials Among Filipino Youth

Nanette Lee and Linda S. Adair

Revisiting Social Acceptance of Homosexuality
Among Filipino Youth: Some Theoretical and Methodological Implications

Christian Joy P. Cruz and Ruzzel Brian C. Mallari

The Emergence of Multigenerational Households:
The Role of Early Union
Clarinda Lusterio-Berja

Active Life Expectancy of Filipino Older People
Grace T. Cruz

A History of the University of the Philippines Population Institute
Mercedes B. Concepcion

Selected Abstracts of Master’s Theses for M.A. in Demography, University of the Philippines Population Institute

Editorial Team
Editor: Ephraim E. Despabiladeras
Editorial Assistant: Christian ‘Joy’ P. Cruz and Ruzzel Brian C. Mallari
Book and Cover Design: Ariel G. Manuel

Editorial Board
Clarinda L. Berja, University of the Philippines, Philippines
Marilou P. Costello, PhD., Philippine TB Initiatives in the Private Sector, Philippines
Grace T. Cruz, Ph.D., University of the Philippines, Philippines
Alan Feranil, PhD, Philippine Council for Health Research and Development, Philippines
Socorro A. Gultiano, Ph.D., University of San Carlos, Philippines
Wassama Im-em, PhD., Mahidol University, Thailand
Romeo B. Lee, Ph.D., De La Salle University, Thailand
Virginia A. Miralao, PhD., Philippine Social Science Council, Philippines
Trinidad Osteria, DSc., De La Salle University, Philippines
Peter Xenos, PhD, East-West Center, USA
Zelda C. Zablan, DTC, Demographic Research and Development Foundation, Philippines