PPR Vol.8 No.1 - Dec 2009

Philippine Population
Review (PPR)
Volume 8 Number 1
December 2009
ISSN 1655-8049

The USC Office of Population Studies Foundation, Inc.
Alan B. Feranil


Marital Status and Psychological Well-Being of Filipino Women
Socorro Gultiano, Michelle Hindin, Ushma Upadhyay, and Graeme Armecin

Social Marketing CycleBeads: An Innovative Solution to Unmet Need in the Philippines
Justin A. Kavle, Caroline Blair, Santos J.O. Dacanay III, Rebecka Lundgren, and Victoria Jennings

How Religion in the Media Portrays Reproductive Health in Secular States: Roman Catholic Agenda-Setting in Philippine Broadsheets
Sandra C. Cortina

Filipino Men’s Efficacy Beliefs about Acquiring Condoms
Eric Julian Manalastas

Ilocano Diaspora to Cagayan: A Historical Account and Framework for Understanding Ilocano Inter-Provincial Mobility
Antonion I. Tamayao

Book Review
The Global Family Planning Revolution: Three Decades of Population Policies and Programs
J. Lloyd Ivan V. Pineda